Calimbo Steel Band

Calimbo Steel Band

Calimbo Steel Band came to Southern California in the early 60's, brought drums with more notes and combined caylpso with limbo. Carl Lawrence was pan maker and performer. He also played parties for Ike Eisenhower and John Wayne.

Carl 'Papa' Lawrence

History of Pan-Part 1

Carl 'Papa' Lawrence talking about pan history, first hand. He was there helping move the pan along the development path from one note to two, three, four and on to the fully chromatic instrument, and all variations, that it is today.

History of Pan-Part 2

Carl 'Papa' Lawrence talks about steel pan history and his experiences as pan was created. Adding notes to existing patterns of drums already made.

History of Pan-Part 3

Carl 'Papa' Lawrence talking about pan history, first hand. Also includes a YouTube playlist with tuning videos

Carl Lawrence Making Pan

This video shows us picking up the containers at the factory, tuning, and turning them into musical instruments.

Salsa Steel History

Salsa Steel with Dancers

This was a corporate party for a golf company. 10 piece band and 7 dancers. The band is Bill Harris, Ken Lawrence, Troy Peets, Larry Morgan, Ronnie Watkins, Happy Kennedy, Jamie Kime, Victor Franklin, Rosalie Thomas, Tajma Solei, Stacey Daniels. Dancers include Janis Hutchinson, Basil, & Tangi Miller.

Salsa Steel with Dancers

Basil dances on bed of nails with 10 piece Salsa Steel band playing Calypso Hit 'Sing At She Party'. Devo Golf Party, Same band as Fire Limbo Video

Salsa Steel History

TV Show Dindi with Vibraphone

Bill Harris, Happy Kennedy, Cecil McBee, Allan Phillips, Troy Peets

The picture on the left is Bill at Adrian's wedding.

Stella solo with Vibraphone

Stella solo is with Paul Ingram's band, Michela Dalla Pozza did the video.

Salsa Steel History

Salsa Marimba

Bill Harris Marimba at the Hotel Del With Horns and percussion. Mark Lamson, Richard Sellers, Willie Negron, Lynn Willard, Frank Gonzales, Steve Fieraben.

Salsa Steel History

KUSI television show

Bill Harris Cecil McBee Jr. 'Happy' Kennedy Ronnie Watkins plays 'The Hammer' for KUSI television show. Salsa Steel Drum Band.